Since 1995 Mr Coulter has attempted to deal with his complaints through correct channels, in a business like manner, by dialogue behind closed doors as you would expect in a civilized society. However Dorset Police, Dorset County Council, and Dorset Police Authority do not like dialogue. In fact they do not like dealing with complaints at all. When a person makes an official complaint, and attempts to lobby members of the police authority, it is passed to the police authority complaints committee, who are then advised by the clerk to the police authority Peter Harvey, and the head of the police complaints department. Sometimes by the deputy chief constable, or even the chief constable. The complaint is given a number as a designated case, and members of the police authority get paid £17.50 p/h to attend meetings where they will discuss the complaint and receive reports from the officers mentioned above. However the person making the complaint is denied natural justice, in that they are not allowed to be present when the officers report to members on the issues raised by the person complaining. The officers are in a position to lie to members, and use other forms of dishonesty, conscious incompetence, and unconscious incompetence. The person making the complaint is not allowed to be present to make representations so that members can hear both sides of the story.

The new chairman of the police authority Mr Michael Taylor thinks he is a smart arse, he sent a letter to Mr Coulters Lawyers in March 2003 asking a number of questions, the answers to which had already been vented in previous correspondence, We Question his mentality!

From February 2003 Mr Coulter had been telephoning the chairman of the police authority public consultation committee, county councilor Mike Byatt, who is paid £17.50 p/h to consult with people over their concerns relating to Dorset Police. However the chairman of this committee does not want to consult behind closed doors or deal with important outstanding issues that have either not been raised or dealt with properly in relation to Mr Coulters case. In fact Mr Coulters Solicitors wrote to Councilor Byatt on the 15th April 2003, putting him on notice that the correct way to deal with this is to arrange a meeting behind closed doors, and failing that Mr Coulter would pass correspondence to people outside the UK for publication on the Internet.

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Are these people Block Heads?

Mr Coulter has explained to the previous Chair of Authority Peter Jones, the NEW Chair of the Police Authority Michael Taylor, County Councilor Michael Byatt, and the Clerk to the Police Authority Peter Harvey, that if they continue to treat Mr Coulter with contempt, and not deal with these outstanding issues correctly in a civilized manner by verbal dialogue, then Mr Coulter will deal with these issues and present evidence of misconduct in public office via the Internet and in the public arena.

They are so arrogant that they now give permission for this to happen, despite the fact that they wasted Dorset Rate Payers money starting an action with an Internet tribunal adjudicated in America, in an attempt to take over this website. Is it because they lost that case and were heavily criticized by the tribunal adjudicator, is this why they now claim that they are not concerned about the Internet Publication?

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Dorset Police policy for responding to letters is 14 days, however the solicitors wrote to Councillor Byatt on the 15th April 2003, and he replied 2 Months Later on the 20th June 2003 stating that Mr Coulter had a meeting with the former Chair of the Police Authority, that did not progress matters, and that if another meeting were to be arranged it would be any more productive. There will be no meeting. The reason the meeting did not progress matters is because there are still outstanding issues, and new issues to be dealt with, in fact it was them that did not progress matters by continued dialogue, or dealing with previous issues raised. Only they can progress matters, Mr Coulter was not surprised that they refuse to have any further dialogue, as the complaints committee only monitor a complaint and listen to what the officers tell them. They are reactive and not Pro Active. They continue to discuss the complaint hearing only one side of the story with no verbal representation from the complainant. This continues until the person making the complaint eventually becomes ill or gives up, or the complaint escallates into legal actions against Dorset Police, who will then be defended at the Rate Payers Expense by the County Council legal Department. Or as in this case it escallates to the internet and goes into the Public Arena.

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The former Chairman of the Police Authority Peter Jones had a letter sent to him from a firm of London Lawyers detailing criminal offences committed by various Dorset Police Officers. Jones completely ignored these offences and refused to bring in an outside force to investigate them in compliance with statute law. To see the Evidence - Click Here

After causing all this information to be loaded onto this site, the on going legal actions started by Dorset Police against the VICTIM of a car theft have now cost the Dorset Rate Payers over £100,000 - To see the detailed malicious actions against this man - CLICK HERE